Uh Oh...Football Season is Here Again...What to do?

 In late summer/early fall, many  Team Bogey members feel the  stress associated with our  desire to get in that weekend  round of golf, or two; and the  knowledge that our favorite  college or pro football team is  playing.  This conflict, in  addition to those already having  been necessarily addressed,  (i.e. yard work or other  honeydos, or the televised pro golf tournaments still taking place, etc.), can cause some of the less decisive of us to almost have the recreational lobe of our brain shortcircuit!  Do we get a tee time that accomodates watching the game? If we have a DVR, do we record the game, and hope not to see the score on the clubhouse TV, or hear somone mention it?...What to do?           


wesal56@hotmail.com wrote:

Play early, watch your game, and play a bonus nine in the late afternoon...unless the Sunday night game is one you don't want to miss...then there's always the record and catch-up option.