He Kept Battlin' !!!

This was a generic picture that was used to illustrate where we will post announcements of new Team Bogey registered users and Clubhouse members, But then the series of events that surrounded Jim kept proving to be so representative of the Battlin' Spirit of Team Bogey, we just had to keep it around for awhile! 

With the news of Jim Furyk being disqualified from the Barclay's pro-am due to being late for his tee time because of oversleeping, we decided to post the picture in his honor, as we could appreciate the "cell phone battery ran out" situation that caused his circumstance, and wanted to thank him for illustrating that there are more aspects of the game than score, shared by scratch golfers and Team Bogey alike!!!  At the time, we had wished him encouragement, and told him to "hang in there, Jim...keep battlin'..."

And did he ever!  Not only did he Keep Battlin', he went on to stay alive in the Fed Ex Cup standings, and with his victory at the Tour Championship, won the Fed Ex Cup as well!  Although he's a professional, and a scratch golfer, his inspirational achievement, and it's timing in conjuction with the launch of Team Bogey.com, earns Jim a special exemption for acknowledgement as a true Team Bogey Battler!   

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