New York Jets Edge Packers as Team Bogey Battler Road Warriors

So once again, the road less traveled leads to a dead end, at least when it comes to the fortunes of the Atlanta Falcons, and the New England Patriots, each of whom had first round byes, and each of whom lost their first playoff game, to a team that had to play the week before, and was on the road against them.  The Green Bay Packers, and New York Jets, proved to be up to the challenge as road warriors,  beating the Falcons and Patriots respectively, while the home club Bears and Steelers survived visits from the Seahawks and Ravens respectively.  
As road warriors, the Packers and Jets both deserve consideration, but having been embarrassed earlier in the season by the Patriots, by a score of 45-3, and returning to Foxboro to avenge their embarrassing defeat, thus eliminating the Patriots from their latest Super Bowl run, the New York Jets edge out the Packers in the NFL playoff version of the latest Team Bogey Battlers.
Both the Jets, traveling to Pittsburgh, and Packers, traveling to Chicago next weekend,     will have the opportunity to continue their road warrior ways, and continue the recent trend of wild card game playing, road game winning, Super Bowl Champions.  
We'll be watching, as we rapidly approach the end of the National Football League season, when we trade in our remote controls and football jerseys, for pull carts and polos.  Let the battles continue.