Another Example of Team Bogey Battlin'

Bogey team is British sports slang for a team which usually manages to win despite an apparent weakness. Team Bogey is a term more closely associated with those who may not usually win, but Keep Battlin', and eventually do win, despite apparent weaknesses.  
In the case of the Seattle Seahawks, their 7-9 regular season record, in what was perceived to be the weakest division in the NFL for 2010, their second chance coach, and quarterback returning from injury after not playing the prior week; combined with the fact that they were entering the playoffs against the defending Super Bowl Champion Saints, who seemed to be hitting their stride as they finished the regular season; gave little reason to believe that they would emerge victorious in Saturday's NFC Wildcard Playoff opener.  Nonetheless, as the saying goes, "that's why they play the game".
Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck had the best game of his season, their second chance coach Pete Carrol had the rest of the team ready, and these Team Bogey Battlers managed to win despite various apparent weaknesses.